Challenging paradigms

Almost 1 in 3 people will get cancer in their lifetime. Nearly all deaths from cancer are due to the evolution of therapyc resistance and metastasis. The emergence of therapy-resistant, metastatic cancer is an evolutionary process, in which a genetically diverse population of cancer cells is subject to selective forces within the body. Recent advances in genomics have allowed us an unprecedented view of these selective processes and the evolution of resistant, metastatic subclones within tumors.

Bridging disciplines

The Society for Molecular Biology & Evolution (SMBE) Satellite Meeting on the Molecular Biology and Evolution of Cancer seeks to bring together thought leaders in cancer metastasis, therapy resistance, phylogenetics, and genomics. This multidisciplinary meeting will solidify existing collaborations and facilitate formation of new collaborations.

Accelerating progress

This critical information exchange will speed progress in understanding how tumors evolve to respond to therapy and spread throughout the body. In particular, now is a critical time when the techniques of molecular biology and evolution can accelerate the progress of cancer researchers toward therapeutic goals, and when the community of cancer genomics researchers and the community of molecular biological evolutionists can profit enormously from sharing knowledge, vocabulary, and conceptual understandings that will accelerate research in both areas.